The first day of racing of the 420 Open European Championship took place in Portorož in beautiful, sunny weather and winds around 7 knots. The 243 sailors are divided into three categories: 57 are women's crews, including local sailors Roža Sabadin and Riana Arinova. The largest fleet is the men’s or mixed fleet, with 110 crews divided into three groups. The five Slovenian crews are Peter Koprivec and Rodion Krantov, Ana Planinšič and Teo Gerželj, Miran Guštin and Ela Žagar, Jaka Valjavec and Vid Dobrinja, Rok Kovačič and Lara Božič, and Jean Jakob Veznaver and Anton Rejec. Seventy-six crews are sailing in the U17 category, including one Slovenian crew, Martin Marušič and Neli Gulič. Men's and mixed crews sail in one group, while women's and U17 crews sail in another. Both groups sailed two races today.

Bojan Gale: "In the morning we were greeted by bora that turned to the northwest shortly after the sailors arrived at the club. After waiting two hours on the shore, the Maestral only strengthened and we managed to complete two races. Tomorrow the championship resumes with the qualification regattas and the forecast is for another nice, warm, and sunny day with light winds."

After the first day, the Portuguese crew of Constança Quaresma and Marta Costa was ahead of the second-placed Spanish crew Nicola Jane Sadler and Sofia Cavaco Torres and third-placed Esther Rodenhausen and Luisa Becker from Germany. The best Slovenian crew of Roža Sabadin and Riana Arinova was 26th.

Among the mixed and men's crews, the best placings were achieved by Freddie Parkin and Estella Morris (USA), Francisco Uva Sancho and Duarte Reis (Portugal), and Lisa Vucetti and Vittorio Bonifacio (Italy). The best Slovenian crew, Ana Planinšič and Teo Gerželj, came in 6th place.

Among the crews in the U17 category, the winners were Ioannis Tournis and Georgios Iraklis Michalopoulos (Greece), second place went to Dimitris Peleki and Fevronio Bouzana (Greece), and third place went to Lion Traspov and Eitan Mor (Israel).