The Halloween Regatta, which attracted 240 Optimists from 15 countries, concluded yesterday, 22 October 2023, in Portorož. The regatta also counted as a national championship and was the last regatta in the Adriatic Golden series powered by Sailing Point.

South wind was the main factor in the last regatta of the year in the Optimist class organised by the Sailing Club Pirat Portorož. For three days 240 sailors competed for the best places in the regatta, which was especially important for the Slovenian Optimists as it counted as a national championship.

"Congratulations to the winners of the first gold series, the Halloween regatta and the best Slovenian sailors in the Optimist class. We have had a long regatta season, during which we hosted just under a thousand Optimists, which is a great success. We are especially proud of our cooperation with clubs from Italy, with whom we are spreading the example of good cooperation, mutual help and promotion of sailing among children and young people," said Matej Pegan, Vice President of JK Pirat Portorož, at the end of the regatta.

Filip Valjavec (JK Pirat Portorož) won the national title, Val Grbec (JK Pirat Portorož) was second and Mihael Zobec (JK Olimpic Izola) third. Lina Sorta (JK Pirat Portorož) won the girls' title, Lara Aurora Hummel (JK Jadro Koper) took silver and Hana Lucas Oven (YC Burja Izola) won bronze. The best among cadets was Mihael Zobec (JK Olimpic Izola), second place went to Matic Margon and third place to David Jan (both JK Pirat Portorož), among female cadets first place went to Zoja Ribarič, second place to Julija Marušič and third place to Mia Mazalin (all JK Pirat Portorož). 

The overall winner of the Halloween regatta was Mattia di Martino (SVBG), second place went to Giovanni Montesano (TPK Sirena) and third place to Lina Sorta (JK Pirat Portorož). Among the girls, Lina Sorta (JK Pirat Portorož) won, Nina Marušič (JK Split) was second and Sofia Blassnig (SC TWV) third. 

Among the cadets, Villiams Osipovs (Fraglia Vela Riva) took first place, Mihael Zobec (JK Olimpic Izola) second and Robert Matt (Saaremaa Marispordi Selts) third. Zoja Ribarič (JK Pirat Portorož) won among the cadet girls, Papin Antoinette (CN de Rennes) was second and Julija Marušič (JK Pirat Portorož) third. Among the rookie boys the winner was Erik Škrgat (JK Olimpic Izola), the second was Lovre Simunič (JK Val/JK Spuzvar), the third was Matija Zobec (JK Olimpic Izola). 

Among the rookie girls the best was Flo Gantar, the second was Aša Gantar (both JK Jadro Koper), the third was Leila Anastisia Kastelic (JK Pirat Portorož). Clubs from 15 countries - Austria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tajikistan and Ukraine - were also competing for the prizes of the Adriatic Golden Series powered by Sailing Point, which brought together three clubs (Pirat Portorož, Club Nautico Triestino Sirena and Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano), two countries and one bay in a series of regattas.The winner of the series was the SVBG club, which received the golden Optimist from the top Slovenian manufacturer EXO Boats, a cash prize collected from a share of the entry fees of the four regattas, and a trophy. Second place went to JK Pirat Portorož, who received a DSK keel and rudder, while third-placed Jadro Koper received an Olimpic Sails sail.