Sailing Point – our long time proud sponsor and Pirat Sailing Club – one of the most successful clubs in the Region, are proud to announce that new, extraordinary and exclusive event: SAILING POINT GOLDEN SERIES – The Optimist Class Series with prize money and rich awards, has been succesfully closed with the last event - Halloween Regatta 2022.


SAILING POINT GOLDEN SERIES 2022 has connected 3 Optimist Class regattas, organized by Pirat Sailing Club:


·       OPTI OPENING, 2-day regatta; 4.-6. March 2022 

·       SAILING POINT EASTER REGATTA, 4-day regatta; 13.-17. April 2022 and

·       HALLOWEEN REGATTA, 3-day regatta; 20.-23. October 2022.


Main goal of the Sailing Point Golden Series is to increase the number of participants and the level of competition at the regattas, by creating the platform for supporting those sailing clubs, who work with the youngest sailors. Following prizes were awarded:

(a)   Prize Money Check for the Winning sailing club (expected amount in 2022: 1.200 EUR).

(b)   “Golden Optimist” – complete Exo Boat Optimist for the Winning sailing club. 

(c)   Trophies for top individual sailors in the Series.

(d)   The Perpetual Trophy for the Winning sailing club for a period of 1 year.

(e)   Practical prizes from title and other sponsors for top 3 clubs.

The winning club of season 2022 is TPK CNT Sirena from neighbouring Triest - Italy. Congratulations!


Results - season 2022:

2022 Golden Series Opti Opening (3).pdf

2022 Golden Series Easter.pdf

2022 Golden Series Halloween.pdf

2022 Golden Series Final Results.pdf

We are proud to announce that the event promotes green initiatives as on every first sailing day coastal zone clean-up operation has been carried out.


For more information about Sailing Point Golden Series check out Notice of SeriesNoRGolden22.pdf and Info Sheet: Golden Series-2022-PR.pdf.

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