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Dear Sailing Friends,

Welcome to the homepage of Sailing Point Easter Regatta 2023, which took place in Portorož during 5. and 9. April 2023


Final Results

Results Rookie

Perpetual Trophy Results.pdf

Adriatic Golden Series powered by Sailing Point_Results after Easter regatta.pdf


SPER 2023 - dan 1
SPER 2023 - dan 2
SPER 2023 - dan 3

SPER 2023 - dan 4

SPER 2023 - dan 4 - prize giving ceremony

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Results Final.pdf

2023 Perpetual Trophy Results.pdf


Category Cadet/Junior:

Results R6 - Gold - unofficial

Results R6 - Silver - unofficial

Results R6 - Bronze - unofficial

Results R6 - Emerald - unofficial

Results R6 - Pearl - unofficial

Cadet & Junior Fleet Assignement 

Category Rookie:

Results R1-R3 - ROOKIE - unofficial

Photo Album - Racing Day 3 (photo: Rok Sorta)


RESULTS R1-R5 - unofficial

Photo Album - Racing Day 2 (photo: Rok Sorta)

Cadet & Junior Fleet Assignement


RESULTS R1, R2, R3 - unofficial

Photo Album - Racing Day 1 (photo: Veronika Macarol)

Cadet & Junior Fleet Assignement

To refresh your memory, we are adding the group starting sequence:

1. yellow

2. blue

3. red

4. green

5. white


Download all regatta documents from the RRC platform (Sailing Point Easter Regatta 2023): 


or click on the following links:

- Notice of Race: NoREaster2023 (1).pdf

- Sailing Instructions: SISPER2023.pdf

Links to Public Information (QR codes for submitting Scoring Inqiries, Protests,...): SPER2023_Links to Public Information.pdf


Butterfield, Michael

Carman, Miroslav

Kleidonas, Yannis

Kramperšek, Jernej

Straus, Joep

Tabacu, Cristian

Thoelmann, Heiko

Winkler, Jan

Žvan, Uroš


Sailing Point Easter Regatta program is available HERE.

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Dear Sailing Friends,


Welcome to the Sailing Point Easter Regatta 2023 homepage, which is the 1st of four regattas that are part of the Sailing Point Golden Series - the series of Opti regattas. This page includes regatta documents and information about the event

WAITING LIST for Cadet/Junior Category 

On 25.03.2023 we have reached maximum number of entries for category Cadet/Junior (i.e. 450 valid entries).

Regular SPER 2023 entries are locked from 25.03.2023 on - this means:

- the published Entry List on this webpage is locked, however this is not the Official Entry List - the Official Entry List will be published after registrations have finished (as per NoR),

- if we receive a cancellation and one slot opens, we are not able to delete this entry from the published Entry List (the list is locked), but we can increase the number of entries from the Waiting List, which we will add to existing Entry List - so make sure you check the waiting list on a daily basis until 03.04.2023 23:59, when the online system shuts down.

- if we receive your e-mail notification on Sail No. change (email us latest on 03.04.2023 at #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM#), we will confirm it to you via e-mail, but again, we cannot change it on the published Entry List (do not worry - if we confirm Sail No. change via e-mail, we will enter this change into Official Entry List after registrations have been completed),

- if you have to swop one sailor with another (one sailor cannot come and another sailor will take his place), please notify us via e-mail (latest on 03.04.2023 #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM#) and we will proceed the same way as with Sail No. change - we will confirm it via e-mail and make the change in the final - Official Entry List.

Another important fact - automatic transfer to Waiting List:

All sailors, who have entered the regatta before the entries got locked (max number reached), were automatically transferred to Waiting List.

That is why at the moment some Waiting List slots are already taken by these sailors (see details below).

All automatically transferred sailors have validated their Entry.

All of you who will apply to the Waiting List starting 28.03.2023, please note - at this point our counter only counts paid entries (green dot on the published Waiting List), so in case of bank transfer please send us payment confirmation immediately to both emails: #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM# and #EM#6b607662766c6866486e65786d6462667e763c607d#EM#, so we can confirm your Waiting List Entry (yellow dot > green dot).

It might happen, that you will be "marked green" on the Waiting List, but we will not be able to include you on the Official Entry List - that might happen if sailors, who have registerred before you have paid by bank transfer and their payment is not immediately visible in our system. In that case we will of course fully reimburse your Entry Fee.

You are able to check all entries on the separate webpage (link above) and thus you can see how many additional sailors we can add to existing Entry List. We will update this page on daily basis.

Again - we can only accept a total of 475 sailors in Cadet/Junior Category - the more cancellations we get, the more sailors from the waiting list we can add according to entrering order as displayed (latest entries are on top of the list).

Number of sailors we can add from the Waiting List on 28.03.2023 0:00 = 27

On 25.03.2023 our RC has decided we can welcome 25 more sailors into category Cadet/Junior - so in total 475 for this category.

On 25.03.2023 we have already had 20 sailors, who have been transferred to Waiting List.

On 27.03.2023 we have received 2 cancellations, therefore we have increased the total number of sailors we can add from Waiting List to Entry List to 27, this number may increase if we get more cancellations. 


In case you would like to arrive to Sailing Club Pirat prior to 04.04.2023, we kindly ask you to announce your arrival via registration form for Training Camp, so we can assist you and provide equal conditions to all early arrived teams. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM#.

Please make timely announcement on your arrival.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Dear coaches, parents and others, who perform online entering.

In order to:

- minimize the time you have to spend at registration in Race Office,

- maximize communication effectiveness,

- minimize the use of paper,

we have modified our Online Entry Form in the following way:

- please use only English alphabet letters (in case you will use special letters, the program will not allow you to confirm the entry),

- please upload documents in PDF format only,

- please use full name and surname for entered personal data,

- please upload all required documents as per NoR (for each competitor: Parental Authorization and boat insurance, for the RIB: insurance policy).

In case all boast are listed on a joint insurance policy, please upload this policy for each competitor.

Thank you.


According to NoR 3.7. the Entry is considered valid only when paid.

Below you can find the list of entered boats, but our counter counts only valid ones (green mark beside the entry). Please make sure you check your entries - in case you find a yellow mark beside (your) paid entry, please contact us at #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM#. Thank you.


April 5-9, 2023



Online Entries are open from January 12 until March 30, 2023 (both dates included).

You can submit the online Entry Form by clicking the green button "Entry Form" on upper left corner of this page. 


Regatta documents will be available from the RRC platform (Sailing Point Easter Regatta 2023) or click on the following links:

- Notice of Race: NoREaster2023.pdf

More documents will follow as we head towards March.



SC Pirat's Privacy Notice is available on the following link: SC_Pirat-PRIVACY_NOTICE-March2022-v3.pdf



To help you with accommodation, our "house expert" Tanja is at your disposal at #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM# or #EM#6364666a686b6f6c267d6b65666c4e687d707b7f3a76797a#EM#. Your're welcome to contact her. We have a regatta deal at hotels (Hoteli Bernardin) and apartements in close proximity to the club.


You are most welcome to come and train before the regatta. We host many training camps in February and March at our club. Please write to #EM#7473676d6d6b614763657f69217d677d7165#EM#.si for more information.



In the following days we will upload more useful documents and information, so stay tuned in the meantime we are at your disposal on our e-mail contact: #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM# 



Team Sailing Club Pirat