Between 15. and 17. October 2021 the Portorož Cup will take place - organized by Sailing Club Piran and sailed in our beautiful Portorož bay. Classes to compete in for the National Champion Title are the following:

- 470,
- 420,
- Fireball and
- Europe.

NoR is already published, Entry Forms are available for download:

- Notice of Race: NoRPortCup21-v1.pdf
- Entry Form EntryForm-PortCup2021.docx - kindly fill-in the Entry Form and e-mail it to: #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM#
- Sailing Instructions: SIPortCup2021v1.pdf

For more info we are available at: #EM#726465627064466c647c68267c647c6e643f617a#EM#

See you soon!