Jadralnik klub Pirat Portorož has been established after the second world war as part of »Ljudjska tehnika«. As the years passed by the club became independent, changing its location between Piran and Portorož and finally finding its place in 1965 at its present location at Obala 7 in Portorož.


  • to set ground, to assure and develop knowledgeable youth dinghy sailors and racers;
  • to qualitatively support and encourage our top sailors/racers
  • to emphasize and develop among our club members such qualities as: sportsmanship, teamwork, creativity, selfcriticism, responsability, focus... etc.
  • to promote the sport of sailing and seamanship to the broad community and especially its youth
  • to be part of and to qualitatively encourage and support the global local tourism promotion


  • to promote sailing as a sport, we use media presence and organize sailing classes/courses
  • we organize sailing races and other related events
  • we cooperate with Slovene and international sailing clubs
  • we ongoing educate, develop and support  the skills of our technical staff
  • we encourage our club members to actively participate in the club's life and taking over club's functions and responsabilities
  • all other activities that would promote the club or its local community

JK Pirat is a modern and successful sailing club. Its focus is on youth sailing. Our starting program consists of attending our summer sailing school, that takes place every summer from July to August. Every course takes 2 weeks. The children, aged from 6 to 15, learn the basic skills of sailing a dingy and seamanship. The best and those that are most interested among will be invited to join JK Pirat racing team in Optimist class. Every year JK Pirat organizes short courses for all kids from all primary and secondary schools on the cost. We host 400 children every year in this program which goal is to promote sailing culture among youngsters. 


Our strongest youth class is the Optimist class. Around 10 young dinghy sailors train and compete with dinghy class organisation and are regularly qualified for the Slovene national team. Optimist class is of paramount importance and represents the groundwork for the successive youth classes. Besides Optimist the club also supports 29er, Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial.


Within Olympic program club supports teams that compete in 470 and Laser Standard.


Our members are very active in these classes: RS:X, Formula, slalom and wave.


Most of our club members are recreational, but active sailors. There is a number of different sailing boats, catamarans, surfing boards and other equipment that is being used privately or by the whole club community on a regular basis. Our club members compete as well in an Open Race Slovene Championship throughout the year and have been very successful for the past few years.


Regattas organisation is one of our most important yearly activity. We organize and execute a big number of regattas for all racing classes, and the model racing boat class as well. 

Eastern Regatta for Optmist class is the most important item on our yearly racing calendar. Regatta is gaining on its international importance and accounts already for around 400 participants from about 11 countries on a regular basis. This event has as well a big impact on the local economy of the region and helps promote Portorož as a tourist location within Europe.

Piranja is another important event and the only windsurfing regatta organised yearly in Slovenia.

We, JK Pirat, are proud of our 60 year old history. We have grown over the years to become, with the passage of time and the unstinting effors of our functional officers, commitees and members, a top class sailing club. The following year, 2014, will see the culmination of two years of planning and building when, with the help of community Piran, the new boat house will be opened for use. This will allow us to further serve our community, to further propagate sailing sport in Slovenia, and to assure a sailing environment for our youth that is safe, fun, offers refined skills, and enables them to sail at the highest possible competition level.a.