PORTOROŽ, October 31st - November 4th, 2018 - On Sunday, November 4th, young sailors of the class 420 from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia completed the final act as part of a five-day training camp, which, in addition to work on land and at sea it was also marked by a variable weather conditions.

For the young sailors with a different experience and knowledge, the Greek coach Nikos Drougkas tried to clarify in five days a lot of details, which may be useful to them at the next regatta. Exsercises in starting, roll & sail, tackling the wind, which he "played with himself" at times, and put the sailors in an unexpected position, a lot of demonstrations about the preparation of boats and equipment, hours of the theory, all this and more has become a primary activity for 50 young sailors. "But nevermind," said the young sailors at the end of the camp, convinced that it was worth it.

Also the Sailing club JK Pirat was pleased with the events in the club. "The camp was an opportunity for our sailors to acquire new skills in sailing in class 420, as well as the knowledge from the preparation of sailboats, sails and masts. And at the same time a chance to socialize with sailors from Central Europe," said the president of the club Marjan Matevljič. With the organization of camps, the international sailing class 420 aims to expand the class to areas where it is less developed. "The large participation of sailors from different countries has exceeded all expectations," added Matevljič.

So, with this just finished clinic camp the Sailing club JK Pirat confirmed the reputation of a good organizer of international events. They successfully presented the new Sailing Center and the town of Portoroz as a glamorous destination for the organization of camps and regattas. In this way the club also got closer with classes 420 and 470, thereby increasing the international recognition of the club and the regattas for the next year.

At the end of the camp the work of the club was also positively evaluated by the representative of the International 420 Class Association, Fulvia Ercoli: "The clinic camp in Portoroz was extremely well represented: 50 sailors, 11 trainers, 2 camp leaders and 5 countries. We did not expect such participation in any way. Drougkas did his job well, regardless of the high number of registered sailors and their very diverse knowledge. From the aspect of the 420 class that I represented here, the training camp was successful, as we established relations with countries that also develop this sailing class, and not just 470. Last but not least I would like to highlight the excellent hospitality of the Sailing Club JK Pirat and the club president Mr. Matevljič. What definitely entails us with the desire to return to the club and to collaborate with the club in the future. I'm sure that next year, when JK Pirat is in charge of organize the 470 World Championship, they will take care for all sailors in excellent way too."

420 clinic camp
Fulvia Ercoli (ITA), Secretary of the I420CA, delivered plaques to Marjan Matljivic (SLO), President of the Yacht Club Pirat, venue of the 420 Coaches and Sailors Clinic, in Portoroz, Slovenia, and also to the head coach Nikos Drougkas (GRE).