Dear sailing friends,

due to many questions that we are receiving and probably more to come, we are issuing a statement to clarify the situation on »Corona virus«:

Organizational activities of Sailing Point Easter Regatta are proceeding as planned. We are at over 200 entries and growing. Sailing club Pirat and its Organizing Team is putting a lot of effort to prepare and run a great event.

As per today, there are no intentions to cancel or otherwise delay the event.

However, we will do everything possible to minimize the risk and are monitoring the situation. We will use all necessary measures to keep the participants safe and do everything in our power to respect and implement all generally recommended measures.

In case there would be cancellation, paid entry fees will be refunded.

Please find below also the quote, issued yesterday, March 3, by our main Authority - World Sailing's Medical Commission:

The general risk for sailing events is considered as much lower, compared to indoor events, due to lower crowd density and nature of the contact between participants (not in direct contact with other competitors). The possibility to carefully layout an event venue also lowers the risk. The access to the sailing venue by non-registered participants can be minimized, and necessary meetings (i.e. hearings, technical meetings) can be controlled and organized in an adequate manner.

The age of participants also contributes to lower risk assessment for sailing.

Saying that, let us state also that there are no cases of COVID-19 in Slovenia until today.

Therefore, we are all looking forward to welcoming you in Portorož, Slovenija in 4 weeks.

We are available if needed at: #EM#696f646c446e6a726a247a627e6c7a216378#EM#

Mitja Margon