PORTOROŽ, March 31, 2018 On the second day of the Easter race, the weather allowed the organizer to carry out only one of three scheduled races.

At about 12 o'clock in the morning, sailors headed out to the sea, eager to start the race. Waiting for them was a southern wind with strength 10 and 15 knots. The organizer was able to carry out only one race that finished right before a thunder storm hit at 2pm. After a short, stormy pause, the sailors reunited in the calm sea, but unfortunately the conditions were no longer adequate to complete the day with another recorded result.
At current date Paul Clodi (AUT) still leads the overall classification after a total of five races, with one deduction included, followed by Roman Egger (AUT) and Luka Zabukovec (SLO).
Tomorrow, Sunday, April 1, the last competition day follows with a new grouping and three scheduled starts.

Photo: Andrej Škopac

DSC 2617W DSC 2597W DSC 2488W DSC 2477W DSC 2457W DSC 2455W DSC 2454W DSC 2407W DSC 2395W DSC 2382W DSC 2379W DSC 2374W DSC 2366W