On Sunday, April 17, the last race meant the end of Sailing Point Easter Regatta. This year's regatta will be remembered for a record number of young sailors, as well the bora wind, which for two days was demonstrating its strength to even the most experienced contestants. The winner was Giuseppe Montesano from TPK Sirena (Trieste).

The sailing crowd of 530 sailors from 12 countries ‒ the participants of the 28th regatta ‒cramped the space of the Pirat Sailing Club Portorož and the Bay of Piran in the past few days. For the first two days, meastral (northwesterly wind) was greeting the contestants in the Bay of Piran, filling their sails with power from five to eight knots. On Saturday, when the strong bora was blowing up to 25 knots, organisers carried out less races than it was initially planned. On that day rookies joined their cadet and junior colleagues. Those young sailors showed their sailing skills in a special regatta field closer to the coast. Bora also marked the last day of the regatta. The conditions were extremely challenging - it was blowing up to 35 knots ‒ and only the most experienced sailors went out to the sea and sailed the last race.

Mitja Margon said: “It has been a tough but inspiring week for us. We proudly accept the praise of the participants for the programme and the performance of the regatta. We have demonstrated that we are the organizers who can handle challenges at the highest levels. The weather was on our side. The atmosphere of goodwill and healthy competition could be felt between the participants. An accompanying programme also contributed to that positive atmosphere. We will continue to strive and improve our work. We are looking forward to all the future events and the Halloween Regatta which will take place in October. I would like to thank everyone for this wonderful week we spent together.”

The best Optimists

The winner of the Sailing Point Easter Regatta was Giuseppe Montesano (TPK Sirena), Francesco Tesser (Triestina della vela) won second place, while Josip Tafra (JK Labud) took the third place. Among the girls, the winner was Leanne Turrin (DRCS), the second was Gaia Zinali (CV Antignano), and the third was Giulia Gelussi (SVOC). As for the young Slovenian optimists, the best among boys was Jaka Valjavec (JK Izola) while among the girls Sara Domenik (JK Burja Izola) won first place.

Among the cadets, the winner was Malea Hochbaum (SSV von 1864), the second was Lena Müller (DRCS), and the third was Anna Bianca Gasparini (LNI Trieste). Among the cadets, the first place was taken by Giovanni Montesano (TPK Sirena), the second by Kris Wagner (UYC Mattsee) and the third by Mehmet Erkut Budak (Istanbul Sailing Club).

Among the rookie sailors, the best was Claudia Mehler Boller (CVLL), the second was Melina Kobus (Yachtclub Warnow e.V), and the third was Maria Luce Simoneschi (CVLL). Among the boys the winner was Alexander Jirschik (BYC), the second was Mihael Zobec (JK Olimpic) and the third was Gioele Tarolli (Società Conottieri Garda Salo).

The Sailing Point Easter Regatta Cup for the best club went to the Swiss DRCS.

Accompanying programme

During the event, the organizers used various activities to draw the attention of the participants to the importance of the environmental protection. The young sailors, together with the turtle mascot of Okolje Piran, Kareta Carletta participated in the cleaning campaign. Kapko, the mascot of the water distribution company Rižanski vodovod Koper, encouraged the children to think about saving water. The regatta will surely remain in the fond memory of the Swiss sailor Andre Sorokin Lozano. The golden whistle in the chocolate egg brought him the gift from the main sponsor of this event ‒ an Optimist made by the top local producer EXO Boats.

About 60 volunteer members of the Pirat Sailing Club Porotorž took part in the entire organisation of the regatta, supported by many partners: Sailing Point, Olimpic Sails, OneSails Sailmakers, Public company Okolje Piran, VSR Lab, Sava Hotels & Resorts, T.P.G. Agent and Zhik. The event was also carried out in cooperation with Gimnasium, Electro and Maritime school Piran, the water distribution company Rižanski vodovod Koper, University of Ljubljana ‒ Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Primorska ‒ Faculty of Tourism Studies and Portorož Tourist Board.

Polona Žigo