Dear sailing friends,

the latest development of events regarding the spread of Coronavirus and the recommendations of highest Health and State Authorities brought us to take the only right decision at this stage.
Sailing Point Easter Regatta 2020 is postponed to a later, but yet unknown date.

Safety and well-being of not only our sailors, volunteers and all participants, but also of all people are the absolute priority.
We are intensively looking into possible new dates of the event together with all stakeholders and Federations. We will be posting the new dates as soon as practicable. 

We encourage all the participants who already paid the entry fee, to keep it for the later date. If not, please send the request for the reimbursement with all specific details to: #EM#696f646c446e6a726a247a627e6c7a216378#EM# (Monica) and we’ll transfer your fee as soon as possible.


We wish you to stay safe, smart and healthy and are looking forward to seeing you soon in sunny Portorož. 

Mitja Margon - President 
and JK Pirat’s Executive Committee