Today, on the last race day, was raining in the morning and the wind was a week. Despite that, we managed to sail a race for the first group and half of the next one, then the wind unfortunately dropped completely and the race had to be stopped. After that race committee decided to terminate the regatta. With that Saturday’s results become official regatta scoring.

The Easter Regatta 2014 was won by the Italian sailor Antonio Persico ( 4 points), on the excellent second place we have a sailor from SC Pirat Rok Verderber (5 points), on the third position we can find Austrian Carbon Yannis ( 7 points ). Among the top ten ranked there are three Slovenian sailors. Seventh in absolute terms, and first ranked girl, is Mara Turin from SC Izola ( 16 points ), on eighth position is another sailor from SC Pirat Klemen Semelbauer ( 19 points ) .

Rok Verderber : " The race was quite difficult, other sailors were right behind my tail . Conditions were good, because the wind wasn’t too strong. I am pleased with regatta organisation as well. "

Mara Turin : " The competition was tough, it was quite difficult, conditions were different than I’m used to. The wind was changing direction a lot during the day. Another day the wave was high but the wind was week. I think I managed to sail well, although it could have done better. I’m not comparing myself to other girls, since the competition is not strong among girls."

Klement Semelbauer : " The classification was not perfect, it could have done much better. Among the competitors were ten sailors really good and with them we are able to compare. The regatta was well organized. This year there was plenty of room for all the boats, and this year these were even more than the years before. "

This year the main regatta prize was an Optimist boat from Devote sailing. In addition to that, SC Pirat prepared a whole range of other valuable prizes as sails , masts , a variety of sailing equipment , and so forth. The Optimist went to Germany the second year in the row. It was given to the sailor sailing club WSCG EV Hendrik Edmund Peters . " It is very nice in Portoroz, the race was good and this year I even ranked among the top 40. My ' old ' optimist is barely a month old , but now I’ll be sailing with the new one and I will give the old to my sister ," said Hendrik.