JK Pirat from Portorož, Slovenia, is hosting the 6th regatta of this year's 29er Eurocup circuit. 

15 crews from Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia sailed today in the first four races of the event.

Windless and overcastted morning didn't look too promising, but conditions soon improved and the AP flag went down at around noon. Low wind offered perfect conditions for lighter crews, and they surely took a good advantage of up to 6 knots of bora wind (NE). Slovenian Dylan Hector Tidd and Tabea Kolenc are the proud leaders after day 1 ahead of second-ranking in the overall Eurocup 2014, another Slovenian Peter Lin Janežič / Anže Podlogar and the 2014 female world champions, Spanish Carla and Marta Munte.

Five races are planned for tomorrow.

Results 29er

Scores take into account 1  discard 

1SLO 1341Dylan Hector Tidd, Male, Tabea Kolenc, JK Pirat4,0211(dsq)
2SLO 6Peter Lin Janezic, Male, Anze Podlogar, JK MIPC6,013(5)2
3ESP 1787Carla Munte, Female, Marta Munte, CN Cambrils7,0(ocs)421
4ITA 2215Edoardo Cardellini, Male, Stefano Dezulian, Circolo vela Arco13,04(10)36
5GER 2097Manuel Wunderle, Male, Felix Wieland, MYC14,037(11)4
6CZE 2284Nikol Stankova, Female, Johana Koranova, YC Lipno YC Neratovice16,0(8)673
7ITA 1738Francesca Gambarin, Female, Claudia Gambarin, SC Garda Salo18,0(dsq)549
8ITA 1203Filippo Amonti, Male, Filippo Massara, SC Garda Salo19,0928(11)
9GER 2091Christian Wolter, Male, Michael Martin, SRV BSCF22,011(14)65
10SLO 2201Matej Potokar, Male, Gregor Lipovec, JK Pirat23,0511(13)7
11ITA 1517Martina Capuccini Cozzagio, Female, Gloria Cavalieri, CVG26,068(12)12
12CZE 2283Vaclav Brabec, Male, Vojta Sindelar, YC Cere29,0(12)91010
13ITA 1796Luciano Andreoli, Male, Andrea Francesca Dall`ora, CVG31,01013(15)8
14CRO 116Domagoj Fizulic, Male, Leon Ostrez, JC Turbo Sport32,0712(14)13
15SLO 1162Luca Babnik, Male, Gregor Volcic, ŠD Piran36,013(dsq)914


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