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Fancy some summer sailing?

Welcome to visit us in Portorož :)

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EP D2 2021 - Final Official Results

The Europeans are just about to close, hereby we are just posting the final results. The prizegiving...


EC D2 2021 - European Championship in category D2 in windsurfing

On Wednesday, 8. September 2021, Sailing Club Pirat has officially launched the 2021 European Windsu...


Summer activities in Sailing Club Pirat are coming to an end - a very happy one

A successful summer at our club is slowly saying goodbye.


Piranja 2021 & D2 European Championships

Join us in Portorož for the board sailing and paddling event Piranja 2021, between Sep. 4th. and 12t...


Summer dinghy sailing for SC Pirat members

Sailing club Pirat is offering a nice dinghy fleet for summer day-sailing. SC Pirat members can enjo...


Sailing Point Easter Regatta 2021 - CANCELLED

Dear sailing friends, although there was a small chance and hope that the 2021 edition of the bigges...


We sincerely thank to all of them who support our work and activities.