Dear MOTH sailors, we're counting down the days until the Moth Euro Cup Act 1 in Portorož, Slovenia – and we're sure you are too. It's going to be a great event in a beautiful venue of Piran bay, that has successfully offered its seas to some big events in the past: RC44 first testings, Musto Skiff Europeans in 2011, Fireball Worlds and Europeans in 2013 to mention just a few. Sailing Club Pirat, the host of the MOTH Euro Cup Act1, is for many years now proudly organizing the biggest regatta in Slovenian waters, the opti Easter Regatta, welcoming more than 500 young sailors, their parents and couches from ten European countries and more that 150 sailing clubs.
Please, read the following information about the entry, the program and some other interesting facts that can come handy while arriving to Slovenia. It's a small country, very easily accessible by car, plane, bus or train, and can offer lots to see in just two days. Therefore we're not inviting only you, our dear MOTH sailors, but for a short May break also your relatives and friends. Have you even been to the country with LOVE in its name? Welcome to sLOVEnia!



Entry deadline: May 13 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


May 12 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.: registration and late fee payment
May 13 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.: registration and late fee payment
May 13 at 11:00: coach and competitors meeting
May 13 - 15: race days

RACE OFFICE OPENING HOURS (subject to change)

May 12: 15:00-20:00
May 13: 08:00-12:30 & 14:00-18:00
May 14, 15: 09:00-12.30 & 14:00-18:00


Regata organisation
: Vera Maraspin, +386 31 201 827, #EM#766470622a686775697a7a62624d696271787e3d777a7b#EM#
Arrival and store trailers
: Robi Giurgevich, +386 41 925 351, #EM#726e60667671616e7d496d666d646221737e7f#EM#
Race officer
: Jakica Jesih, 




General: September is weather wise one of the most pleasant months in Portorož. The hottest summer days are already over but the weather can be still very nice and warm. The average maximum daily temperature is 23.9° C. Even if September is the month with the highest monthly precipitation average (120 mm of precipitation), the rainy events are rather short lasting and intensive. The average number of days with rain above 10 mm/day in September is 3.4 The atmosphere is already getting more stable thus the number of thunderstorms is relatively small (3.6 per month comparing with 8.2 in July). The precipitation events and thunderstorms are mainly associated with the passages of cold fronts which are getting more frequent comparing with summer months.

Values for Portorož (September), period 1971-2000
Average maximum daily temperature (°C): 23,9
Average minimum daily temperature (°C): 13,0
Average No. of days with the max. temp. > 25°C: 10
Average monthly sunshine duration (hours): 223
Average monthly precipitation (mm): 120,5


The most relevant wind data for race area in front of Portorož is the one from oceanographic and meteorological buoy Vida located few miles from the racing area in front of Piran. The wind rose from meteorological buoy indicates that most frequent winds are sea breezes from WSW to NW. The general direction of the sea breeze depends on the general pressure gradient. It varies between WSW to NW. The sea breeze usually starts around 11 am, is the strongest around 2pm and it dies between 6 and 7pm. The strength of the sea breeze is usually from 8 to 14 kts. Land breezes in the morning are generally weak, stronger after the Bora episodes. Stronger gradient winds are expected from two dominant directions. S (SE in the Portorož bay) – jugo (Scirocco in Italian) and mainly from NE (Bora). SE-S winds are normally blowing before the approach of the cold fronts. Sometimes they mix with sea breeze resulting in the sea breeze from SW. Bora is associated with the period after the passage of cold fronts and contrary to the winter and spring months doesn't last for longer periods. The longer episodes with Bora are associated with lows in the N Adriatic but the probability of their appearance is quite low in September. Bora is a katabatic gusty wind and gusts can easily reach more than 30 kts. The North Adriatic Sea is still quite warm in September, the average temperature is around 22 deg. C. Sea can get temporary colder after the intensive Bora episodes, but it regains the normal temperature in a few days.

Results Moth

Scores take into account 1  discard 

1SUI 4050Stefano Rizzi, SVOC8,012(4)2111
2ITA 4069Carlo de Paoli, 01-Jan-1986, Circolo Vela Torbole12,02(3)13222
3ITA 4040Marco Lanulfi, 01-Jan-1983, Yacht Club Acquafresca22,0(7)621445
4ITA 4355Fabio Mazzeti, 14-Apr-1969, CVA26,06(12)65333
5AUT 3793Michael Schönleitner, 01-Jan-1988, UYCAs28,0445(6)654
6GER 3843Carlo Maege, 01-Jan-1958, FSV35,057(8)4766
7GER 3389Thomas Huber, 01-Jan-1964, SVBb43,0(10)877588
8ITA 4Mario Ziliani, 01-Jan-1977, ANS47,0959987(dns)
9GER 4190Maximilian Mäge, 01-Jan-1990, BYC49,03138(dns)dnsdns
10GRE 4104George Boussoulas, 01-Jan-1974, Nautical Club of Aegina55,08(10)101010107
11AUT 4015Philipp Hribar, 01-Jan-1981, Kyco70,01413141199(dns)
12SLO 77Siniša Hrvatin, 01-Jan-1977, Jahtni klub Portorož75,0111111(dnf)1213dns
13CRO 4126Luka Dogan, 01-Jan-1976, Marina Kaštela77,0129(dnf)dnf1111dns
14SLO 4201Luka Tomori, 01-Jan-1971, JK Pirat Portorož77,0(dnf)15131313149
15AUT 3986Philipp Rakuschan, 01-Jan-1986, SCAtt80,013141212(dns)12dns
16AUT 3651Klemens Kitzmueller, 21-Jul-1981, YCW99,01516(dnf)dnfdnsdnsdns


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